180 Change

I love going to pick up my son from my ¬†parents house after a long day at work feeling like my head is going to explode and have him be a silly sweet little angel. Wait a minute, a silly sweet little angel? Where did this guy come from? Didn’t I want to throw him out the car window just 24 hours earlier? It amazes me how different things can be from one day to the next. But seeing him sitting on the floor with a 1980s toy that you pull the handle and the center arrow spins while making the animal sound from wherever it started at, making the same animal sound right after. Hearing him do a pig for the first time, instead of the “la la la” like the singing pig from his book, attempting to do a rooster sound which was HILARIOUS, and doing a goose sound for the first time just made my crappy day melt away! And the fact he could sit there and do it over and over again, loving ever moment of it! This was the little boy I loved.¬†

We rushed home that night instead of hanging out with my parents, since he needed a bath because he went right to bed from the dinner table the night before. Tuesdays and Thursdays are my late days back from work, so I always pick up fast food on my way back from picking up Bub, throw him in bed, and sit and eat my dinner. Since he needed a bath, and I didn’t want cold food, he got a snack when we got home and sat on the living room floor with me while I ate my dinner. We made it home just in time for him to watch The Little Einsteins, his favorite show. Seeing him sitting on his alligator pillow, munching on his goldfish crackers, and going through the motions with The Little Einsteins characters, I sometimes forgot to actually eat my food! Despite his occasional (and they really are few and far between) crazy days when I feel bad thinking I just want to lock him in a closet and pretend he’s not there, there are these absolutely WONDERFUL moments. And it makes those horrible moments just disappear. Of course then you always have those awesomely hilarious horrible moments, like when he got out of the tub, crying (because he hates to get toweled off, I don’t know…) and his hair which needs a major trim was all crazy, and he looked like Beetlejuice! I of course snapped a picture, like any good mom would do. ImageBut him being so wonderful the rest of the evening made this break down moment a good moment. And then to top it all off, this morning when he woke up and I picked him up out of his crib, he just clung and snuggled to me. Ugh, to be able to do that every minute of my day…..